Do it Yourself Installation

While installing Hardscapes is not complicated, it is hard work. If you enjoy doing projects around the house, you'll love installing a paver patio and/or small retaining/freestanding walls. Huntsville Hardscapes personnel can help coach you through the process. We are just a phone call away and are always willing to assist. If working outside isn't your cup of tea, or if the project is too large to do yourself, we can provide referrals to qualified contractors.

Use the links below for an overview of the installation process

Installing Interlocking Pavers

Installing Retaining Walls
(coming soon)

Click here to learn about installing Polymeric sand.

Click here to learn about installing Permeable Pavers.
Below are some detailed drawings of residential driveway and walkway installations

Patio overlay on a concrete slab 

Driveway with concrete edges 

Patio, walkway or driveway with
troweled concrete edge restraint

Patio, walkway or driveway with
plastic edge restraint 


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