Do it Yourself Installation for Permeable Pavers

Permeable pavers are porous so that water filters through them. Instead of a heavy runoff carrying chemicals and fertilizers into the drainage systems, rain water goes through the pavers and into the ground below. You can install permeable pavers without professional assistance.
1. Prepare the installation site. Mark the site with either landscaping paint or place a string line on either side. Excavate the site approximately 1-foot deep, depending on the type of paver you're using. Smooth the area you've excavated with a rake.

2. Lay a bed of gravel on the excavated dirt. This gravel base will strengthen and stabilize the permeable pavers. Use the correct size and depth of gravel for the pavers by following the manufacturer's directions.

3. Spread a layer of fabric on top of the gravel. Use the type of fabric the manufacturer recommends. Installing fabric separates the sand layer from the gravel layer and retains the sand.

4. Spread a layer of sand over the fabric. This layer of sand will be the bed that the permeable pavers are set on. Slightly wet the sand after you spread it; dampened sand will level out easier.

5. Install the permeable pavers on top of the sand layer. If you're using a grid system for the pavers, install the grid and check that it's level before you fill it. Fill the grid of the permeable with sand, gravel or plants if you're using a grass grid system.

6. Compact the permeable pavers with a mechanical compactor for a solid surface, if you're using concrete pavers. Follow the manufacturer directions. Bricks can be compacted by hand. Sweep a layer of sand into the voids of the brick and gently spray water over the surface of the bricks. Repeat this step several times to obtain a solid base of bricks.


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