Interlocking concrete pavers from Huntsville Hardscapes are a beautiful, permanent way to construct patios, walks, pool decks, driveways, parking lots, and streets. Pavers are made from a no slump concrete with hardening additives to a strength of over 8,000 psi, more than twice the strength of the average driveway. Interlocking pavers have the following advantages over other surfaces:
    • Provides a beautiful, old world feel that concrete and asphalt cannot provide
    • Increases home value up to 15%
    • Will not crack like poured concrete (stamped, decorative, or plain)
    • Never needs resurfacing like asphalt
    • Does not warp, crack, or turn gray from exposure like wood
    • Less than 5% absorption rate (will not discolor like poured concrete)
    • Very low maintenance
    • If a repair is ever needed, it is easy to do and undetectable when complete

We carry Red River Hardscapes, Belgard and SIMS Stone pavers. All manufacturers guarantee their pavers against cracking and breaking for as long as you own your home!

Huntsville Hardscapes also carries “stepping” stones when you want just a touch of hardscapes in your yard or garden. If you’ve got a hardscape need, we’ve got a beautiful solution.