We offer two types of sand with bonding properties for use with pavers and stones.

Techniseal Polymeric Jointing Sand is a high-tech mix of graded sand and binder, specially formulated for the filling of narrow or wide joints when installing pavers, slabs or natural stones, or when replacing existing joints. Unlike conventional sand, it stays in place and remains stable. It softens when wet and firms up when dry to better resist soil movements. Techniseal polymeric sand prevents weed growth in paver joints almost completely.

     + Inhibits weed growth
     + Deters ants and other insects
     + Eliminates joint erosion caused by rain, power washing, frost heaving and wind
     + Flexible when wet - follows movement
     + Applied dry - hardens after being activated with water
     + Available in grey and tan

EnviroSAND Plus, from Envirobond, is designed specifically for pavers. It combines high grade angular joint sand blended with the plant based binder, Organic-Lock, for optimal joint lock-up in segmental paver systems. Organic-Lock is the strongest, Sel-Healing Organic glue on the market. It is made from 100% Naturally Occurring Materials!  

Watch a video on DIY installation.